would you date a guy with a sex doll

I was recently asked if I’d ever consider dating a guy with a sex doll. Not only was the question quite personal, it made me wonder how someone acquired such an item. I knew some people had secret fetishes, but a sex doll seemed a little extreme for me.

My initial reaction was ‘no way would I ever date someone with a sex doll’. I mean, it made me cringe just imagining it. Though, as I thought about it more I realized my reaction was a little harsh and knee-jerk. Maybe the guy truly was trying to keep his sex life more private, from people afraid of judgement and ridicule from the public.

Maybe this guy truly sought unconventional pleasure and intimacy. And I guess I could relate to that. Who am I to judge? I can’t ignore the fact that this guy genuinely loves and cares for the doll, similar to how a man might love and care for a woman.

Still, I would be curious to learn more about the man and his attraction to sex dolls. I’d want to know why he felt the need to own such an item and how he felt it served to enhance his life, rather than detract from it. Maybe we’d even have some common interests and shared experiences we could discuss.

I’d be curious to know how much of a priority he placed on the doll and its role in his life. How he balances his relationships or maintains any monogamy. I mean, maybe he’s a strong believer in respect and open communication and could really challenge my own views on relationships and human intimacy.

But to truly consider any relationship, I’d want to ensure that whatever he valued and placed importance on could be shared and respected, as he could me. It’s not that I want there to be any ulterior motives; just that since we both have different views on love and intimacy, it would be worth exploring further.

I’m not sure if I’d end up allowing myself to date someone with a sex doll, but I’m open-minded and try not to judge or rush into anything. It may not be my preference, but it’s not my place to project my feelings or values onto someone else. Who knows, if I talked with the guy and got to know him better, I may even end up changing my mind.

At the end of the day, it’s not really about whether or not I’d date a guy with a sex doll, it’s more about having the courage to challenge my own ideas and dildos values and be open to different views. Maybe, my conversation with this man would be interesting enough to lead to a successful relationship, but I’m pretty sure that’s not something any of us can decide right away.