when he asks you if you have any sex toys

When he asks me if I have any sex toys, I chuckle. I don’t usually talk about what’s in my toy chest. But, considering he asked, I decide to open up. To be honest, I find that openness refreshing. It feels like a sign of trust.

I start off by saying, “Yes, I do have some sex toys. I enjoy using them on my own and with a partner depending on the situation.” He smiles and I can tell he’s interested in learning more. So, I tell him about my favorite toy – a vibrating egg. I explain how the vibrating sensation really drives me wild and how it’s great for both clitoral stimulation and penetration.

I then go on to explain that I’m also an avid collector of different lubes and oils. I love to test out new products to see how they make sex even more enjoyable. I talk about a lotion I tried the other day that was quite enjoyable.

After that, I talk about the different types of BDSM toys I have. I explain how I especially like the claw, as it adds a new layer to my dominant play. He’s quite intrigued by this and I can tell from the look in his eyes.

To finish up, I mention that I’ve also looked into buying a few special items such as a butt plug or cock ring. They’re still on my to buy list, but I’m sure I’ll get to them sooner or later.

To summarize, my toy chest is like my candy store – I’m always looking for new and exciting products to try out. I often speculate about what new sensations I might experience and sex toys it’s half the fun. It is a way for me to explore and discover my body on my own terms.

I move on to talk about how these sex toys can add a lot to a sexual experience in the bedroom. Whether you’re exploring with a partner or solo, sex toys can give you something new and exciting to experience. Exploring with different toys is a great way to bring your partner closer to you as you experiment with different sensations.

Next, I go on to talk about how sex toys can also add a bit of spice when in a relationship. They can bring about different sensations that you can’t experience without them. Plus, it’s a fun activity to do together even if you don’t normally involve toys in your sex life.

I add that using sex toys don’t have to be intimidating. You don’t need to go right for the big, scary items. You can start small with simple things like vibrators, cock rings, and lubes. Working your way up the toy hierarchy is a great way to break any reservations you might have.

I finish by saying that I’m sure he’d enjoy trying out different toys as much as I do. If he’s down to explore, I suggest he finds something that works for him and takes it from there. I make sure to let him know that I’m open to having those conversations, and that it could be a fun, interesting adventure.