I have a friend who recently decided to go travelling around the world, and she asked a question that I had never even thought about before: what countries ban sex toys? I was totally dumbstruck, what a bizarre thing to think about! I knew of some countries that had laws about certain types of sexual behavior, but banning sex toys? The concept seemed extreme to me. But as it turns out, there are actually quite a few countries that have restrictions on sex toy imports, sales, and even possession.

One of the most famous countries that ban sex toys is Saudi Arabia. In this country, the possession and sale of sex toys is considered haram, or forbidden by Islamic law. There have even been reported cases of customs confiscating sex toys from people travelling to the country. In a lot of other Middle Eastern countries, such as Kuwait and Qatar, there are restrictions on the sale of sex toys and other adult materials.

In some countries, the possession and sale of sex toys is actually illegal. Russia, for example, has a law against the sale of sex toys that were deemed to be “offensive materials”. Additionally, in Bulgaria, sex toys are classified as “obscene objects”, and selling them can lead to jail time. In China, sex toys are classified as a form of “medical device”, and while they can be sold, there are restrictions on where they can be sold, and how.

In addition to these countries, there are also many places which do not explicitly ban sex toys, but instead place very restrictive regulations on their sale. The United Kingdom, for example, forbids the sale of any sex toy that is considered to be of a “novelty purpose”, meaning any item that is purely for Penis Rings sexual gratification. Similarly, in Germany, sex toys can be sold, but they must conform to strict regulations regarding quality and safety.

The fact that so many countries have such oppressive laws when it comes to sex toys is a little chilling. It seems that there is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to creating a society that is more open and accepting of different sexual lifestyles. In the end, I just can’t figure out why sex toys are seen as such a big deal in so many countries; they’re just tools, used for pleasure.

Since the conversation of sex isn’t too always too comfortable to everyone, countries make rules and regulations to avoid questioning the morals and Penis Rings values they have. Perhaps these countries feel the need to control their citizens and not let them explore on their own. It’s sad that this is the case with some countries, because sex toys actually are said to have a plethora of health benefits.

Ranging from aiding sexual dysfunction, satisfaction and overall helping health in a positive way physical and mentally, sex toys should be allowed and even openly discussed and acknowledge, especially being that sex is a private matter between two people (or however many people are involved) it should stay discreetly between two consenting adults. Not country should have the right to intrude.

On the other hand, some countries don’t take this knowledge too well, and rather than acknowledging the facts ensure to keep a tight grip on their people and not allow them the freedom to explore. It’s an infringement of our individual rights. When romantic relationships and sex are involved, it should be between two consenting adults and no one else.

Although it can be a controversial topic, like many topics, it’s important to remember that the act of sex should be something beautiful shared between two people, and not something to be scared off or censored. In the end, it should be our choice to decide what we would like to do when involving sex toys and not a country’s imposed laws on us.