what are some homemade sex toys

My friends always ask me what homemade sex toys are out there and I always tell them it doesn’t have to be fancy with a lot of gadgets. In fact, there are a lot of things lying around your house, ready to be turned into something of a sex toy if you are creative and a bit of an outside the box thinker.

To get started, sometimes it’s the simplest of objects that many of us have just lying around. Take a cucumber or a zucchini for example. Now there is no shame in going old school and sex dolls actually fashioning a DIY toy out of something like this. All you need to do is hollow it out, making a hole in each end, and you have yourself a dildo. Some people need to be careful with this type of toy though as the cucumber can also be harboring bacteria. Be sure to clean it thoroughly before you use it.

Another thing I often suggest to my friends is using massage tools. Now, visit any massage or spa store and you’ll find a plethora of implements you can use to get it on. Hand massagers, mini vibrators, and other objects like a tennis ball you can put in a sock to get a bit rougher.

If you are not into food, massagers or other items, then going with a more creative approach makes the experience more exciting. How about using a scarf or a feather to tantalize your partner? Of course, some people use a hairbrush for spanking or flogging, or using tingles to tickle. You can also combine both the sensual and the bondage side of sex.

That’s not all though. I’ve heard of some people taking their common objects further and creating some make-shift bondage tools. For example, a tie could be combined with a pillow to make a homemade bondage device. Of course, you should always be safe when doing this.

Using common objects can be just as fun as any other sex toy, as long as you think of ways to make it interesting. I recently heard about someone who would use their vacuum cleaner’s wand as a vibrating device. It’s not the safest thing to do, but it is a fun experiment, and a good way to add a bit of flavor to the bedroom.

It’s also important to remember that you should never use things that are not designed for that purpose. You never know what objects could be dangerous, so using your common sense and being creative is the best way to go.

Another simple and easy DIY toy to try is some sort of ring. It doesn’t have to be an expensive wedding band, but any regular ring can be used to bring a unique sensation, especially when combined with oil. Rings are ideal for those of us who want to experience different stimulation other than just the standard vibration.

Just like that, using our common sense and being creative with what we have around us can bring a whole new level of pleasure into the bedroom. All it takes is a bit of imagination and some basic items. And who knows, you might actually like it just enough to want to invest in some actual sex toys when you’re ready.