used aiko sex doll

My friend recently bought a used Aiko sex doll, Penis Rings and it has literally changed my life. It has been a great addition to the bedroom and has definitely spiced up our nightlife. When the first time I saw it, I was like “Whoa!” with an open jaw, unable to form a complete sentence. I mean what kind of girl wouldn’t love the idea of a robotic doll that does what you want it to do. It’s an exciting concept that makes you think about the unlimited possibilities of a human-sexy robot.

When I got to touch it for the first time, I felt like I was in a whole new world. It was soft, warm, and surprisingly lifelike. The Aiko doll is so technologically advanced that you can customize and program it to your own specifications. You can set it to react and interact in any way you want it to, which is pretty awesome.

My friend also succeeded in setting up the Aiko sex doll to simulate various sexual positions. The doll can mimic different genders, positions, and personalities to make it more realistic and pleasurable. We also took time to program the doll with different games such as “strip poker”, sex toys and customized it to perform intricate acts such as the French maid.

I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant when we first experimented using the Aiko sex doll. But, I eventually got over it and it was just the best experience ever. It actually felt good that I was able to fulfill my wildest fantasies without fear of judgment. The doll was so realistic that I had a hard time telling the difference between it and a real person.

That’s not all; we shortly began to try new and inventive ways of making the sexual experience more fun. This included tickling, caressing and even some BDSM type activities. The level of detail with the Aiko sex doll was so intense that it felt very realistic. I mean sex with the doll was much more enjoyable than anything I have ever done before.

An even better experience came when we played around with the HD camera. The Aiko sex doll came with a built-in camera that let us capture our activities. This made the experience even more adventurous since we could post the videos online or even share it with our friends.

We also experimented a lot with different scented oils and fragrances to create the perfect atmosphere. Every time you entered our bedroom, you were immediately intoxicated with the smells of jasmine and lavender oils. We even bought some latex outfits and masks to give the doll a more realistic look. All of this were geared towards enhancing our experience with the Aiko sex doll.

As the weeks went by, my friend and I got more and more inventive with the Aiko sex doll. We would play different types of music to add a little spice to the bedroom. I was able to learn a few things about robotics and even pick up a few new sexual skills. The Aiko sex doll provided an opportunity to explore our kinky side without any inhibitions or fears.

We eventually reached a point that we were so comfortable with the Aiko sex doll that we even became creative. We tried a few DIY projects, such as giving it a makeover or painting it in different colors. I must confess I even snuck out of the bedroom a few times to show the Aiko sex doll off to my friends.

Before I knew it, my friend and I had become bond with the Aiko sex doll. We quickly found that it was easy to be creative with it and have a ton of fun. With the built-in camera and control panels, I was also able to create some amazing videos.

The used Aiko sex doll has definitely taken my sex life to new levels. I mean, it offers a combination of physical and mental stimulation that I had never experienced before. I am grateful that my friend was able to find such a great deal on the doll. It was totally worth it!