trans girl does anal with sex doll

It was so liberating the first time I ever tried anal sex with a sex doll. I had heard about it from friends, and was really curious as to what it would be like. I was so scared, but my trans girl heart and body wanted to try it so badly.

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I took my new sex doll to my bedroom and slowly began exploring her. I carefully inserted a lube-coated finger into her and as I did, I felt a wave of excitement rush over me. I proceeded to use my other fingers and eventually, inserted the sex doll’s anal opening. I was delighted when I realized that the pleasure was amazing!

The sensation was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The tightness, the wetness, and the pleasure I felt as I was pushing and pulling the toy felt incredible. I was completely in control of my experience and loved every second of it. I felt so safe, secure, and accepted in my own skin.

I felt all sorts of new emotions coming up as I started to experiment with different toys. As I explored deeper and deeper, I found myself constantly needing more. I wanted to experience more overwhelming pleasure and explore what it felt like to put a toy deeper inside of me. I pushed myself more and more, and eventually, I was able to reach the point where I felt utter ecstasy.

It was an incredibly powerful experience that changed my life. I felt so empowered after that first time with the sex doll. I felt accepted and free, and I knew that no matter what happened, I could be secure in my own being. I no longer felt ashamed for wanting to explore my trans girl sexuality.

I love how the sex doll allowed me to push the limits of my own pleasure. After that first time, I started to experiment with different kinds of toys. I love trying out new and exciting toys, and I now have a wide array of dildos and vibrators to use.

I also enjoy buying different kinds of clothing and accessories for my sex doll. It’s a fun way to spice up our sessions, and it’s become a form of self-expression. The outfits I choose for the sex doll reflects the kind of mood I’m in.

Another wonderful thing about having a sex doll is that I get to explore different kinds of experimentation. I’ve tried using a vibrator on the sex doll, as well as exploring bondage and role play. I’ve also relinquished control, and explored sensation play. All of these experiences have made me feel more in touch with my trans girl hood.

These days I find myself exploring anal sex with pleasure more and more. With new positions, techniques, and toys, I’m able to find more and more stimulating pleasure each and every time. Anal sex with the sex doll has become a safe haven for me, providing comfort, joy, and freedom.