things males can masturbate with

Wow.​ I was recently talking with some friends about what alternatives males can use instead of their hands when pleasuring themselves.​ As you can imagine, the conversation got pretty interesting and I felt the need to share my knowledge! So here are some of the things I know males can masturbate with:

First, male masturbators – There are actually a variety of male masturbators on the market, from real-feel sleeves to discreet vibrators and even mouth-like masturbators.​ Some of the most intense sensations I’ve felt have been with one of these.​ Personally, I would definitely recommend trying this out once.​

Second, sex dolls a showerhead – Showerheads are not the kind of thing you’d think of when it comes to masturbation, but they can be an intense way to enjoy yourself.​ If you find the perfect setting, you can really get some intense pleasure out of it.​ I’d recommend using a shower massage head, because it gives you the most control.​ Plus, it’s very discreet and won’t be noticed unless you want it to be.​

Third, lotions and lubricants – Lubes and lotions are essential for making masturbation a pleasurable experience.​ Lots of guys make the mistake of not using these, but they can really add to the sensation.​ There are even special lubricants made specifically for male masturbation.​ I would highly recommend giving them a try.​

Fourth, tissues – This one is a little more basic, but tissues can be a great way to add extra pleasure when masturbating.​ They’re also a great way to clean yourself up afterwards.​ Just be sure to get high quality tissue, as lower quality ones can be a bit rough on the skin.​

And finally, Fleshlight’s – These are a great way to add another element to the sensation.​ Fleshlights are like a real-feel masturbator sleeve that provides an intense sensation.​ They come in a variety of shapes and textures, so you can find one that caters to your personal preferences.​

There you have it – just a few of the items that males can masturbate with.​ It’s amazing how much pleasure you can get out of using some of these items! Of course, the most important thing is to make sure that you’re using these items safely and responsibly.​

Now let me continue with another 4 sections of 5 paragraphs.​ When it comes to male masturbation, one of the best pieces of advice I can give is to experiment and find out what works best for you.​ Of course, this doesn’t mean going in blind and blindly throwing money at any product claiming to be a great way to get you off.​ Do your research and read up on customer reviews to find out which are the most popular and effective products.​

That said, you should also give yourself permission to experiment and find out what works.​ That’s part of the fun! Don’t be afraid to try something different – that’s how we learn what feels good for us.​ Maybe it will be something totally unexpected!

Additionally, keep in mind that a lot of people find that there’s no substitute for the sensation of using their hands to masturbate.​ Sure, it isn’t as flashy as some of the other methods out there, but if it works for you then don’t be afraid to stick with it.​ Plus, I’m sure we’ve all had to resort to this method at some point or another!

Lastly, don’t forget to be mindful of your safety.​ That means being aware of the materials that items are made from and avoiding anything that could be potentially hazardous.​ Again, do your research and always err on the side of caution.​

In conclusion, there are so many different alternatives for male masturbation and they all can work great depending on your individual preferences.​ For some, it’s lotions and lubricants; for others, it’s special masturbator sleeves or showerheads.​ Regardless, don’t be afraid to do your research and find out what works for you – it’s all about feeling good and enjoying yourself.​ Trust me, you won’t regret it!