So I heard about this new thing that is being sold called a Bluetooth sex doll…I didn’t know that you could get that and I was totally blown away. Really, of all things.

Anywho, I decided to do some research and find out more about it. Apparrently, these bluetooth sex dolls are a new way to enjoy intimacy with someone without having to be present in person. They come with a bluetooth module with a microphone and speaker that allows for two-way audio communication.

The Bluetooth sex doll has a built in AI assistant that you can chat with and interact with as if it were a real person. You can enter commands such as touch, kiss, caress, hug, and so on. The Bluetooth sex doll will respond by moving its body and virtual responses.

The Bluetooth sex doll also features a range of additional services such as movie streaming, dildos music streaming, virtual gaming, and virtual reality. Its so cool how technology has now allowed us to take intimate interactions and experiences to a whole new level.

These sex dolls seem to be marketed mainly towards those who are lonely or long distance relationships. I get why this could be appealing but I just don’t think I could ever get into something like this. For me, nothing can beat being with someone in person and physically having that connection. I’m sure there are other people out there who can really benefit from this advance in technology.

It’s quite incredible what humans have been able to create and how far technology has advanced. I’m sure there are lots more possibilities with what you can do with bluetooth sex dolls. I mean, who knows what the future will bring?

So after hearing more about bluetooth sex dolls I started to wonder what people think about them. Are people actually buying them? Are people generally excited about this technology or do people think it’s a little too weird? Do people think this technology can really provide the same level of intimacy and connection as being with someone in person?