rea life barbie doll having sex

It’s shocking to think that there could be a “real-life Barbie Doll” out there actually having sex. I mean, how is that even a thing? Sure, Barbie is anatomically correct, but that doesn’t mean she’s physically capable of engaging in intercourse. It’s unbelievable and a bit disturbing.

But recently, there have been reports of some women seeking to become “living dolls” – women who imitate the iconic Mattel toy by getting plastic surgery and wearing extremely revealing clothing and heavy makeup. I don’t really understand it. I mean, sure, maybe you could say that people should be allowed to express themselves however they want. But don’t they ever consider that they might not want to be a living doll for the rest of their lives?

Apparently, one woman did just that. She had radical plastic surgery, bleached her skin, and wore coloured contact lenses. When asked about her sex life, the woman said she was in a committed relationship, and she and her beau “spice things up.”

I couldn’t believe it. Of all the things that people do to change their appearance, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that someone would go to such lengths to look like a doll – a doll that typically has no sexual desires. It really made me question the gender roles that society puts on us – like how women feel the need to be pretty, Penis Rings and how that’s sometimes valued over everything else. It’s just so wrong.

It’s a shame, for sure, that someone had to go through all the trouble to find themselves in a situation where they were engaging in sexual activities that they wouldn’t have otherwise chosen. It really makes me wonder if they feel happy and satisfied in the long run. I mean, it’s not like this woman is really living the life she wants, it’s just a distorted version of it. What she’s really doing is giving into societal norms. It’s just sad. If she really wanted to be true to herself and express her real identity, then maybe she shouldn’t have changed her appearance so drastically.

That’s not to say that everyone has to accept the norms, but it just strikes me as odd that someone could be so deeply rooted in a specific identity that it may cause them to compromise everything else. It’s really sad that society dictates the kind of person that someone can be – especially when it comes to sex.

Maybe it’s because there’s still so much stigma around sexuality, sex dolls and maybe it’s because people don’t really know how to express themselves in sexual contexts. Either way, what’s done is done and all I can hope for is that this woman is truly happy with her life.