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I recently decided to order a penis sleeve for the pump.​ It took a lot of courage to admit that I wanted to make an investment for much-needed pleasure.​ I was so excited about the prospect of it, dildos that I had butterflies in my stomach before actually pulling the trigger.​

When the delivery arrived, I tore open the packaging like a kid on Christmas morning and couldn’t wait to get it fitted.​ The fit was a bit awkward at first and it took me some time to get comfortable.​ But, soon enough I had gotten used to the feel of being securely held by the tight chamber.​

The next step was to actually give it a go, and let me tell you – Wow! I mean, it felt just like I imagined it.​ My body was quivering with pleasure due to the suction felt from the penis pump.​ I had sensations that I had never experienced before, and it definitely felt amazing.​

Thinking back on it now, I’m really glad I made the investment.​ Not only is it a great toy to please myself with, dildos but it’s also a great opportunity for me to explore new ways of having fun with my partner.​ We’ve tried a few different positions and techniques using the penis sleeve, and we’ve both discovered new ways to enjoy each other.​

My relationship has definitely been enhanced because of the purchase.​ Me and my partner have been able to experiment and explore each other in ways that were new and exciting.​ We both appreciate the added comfort and safety that the penis sleeve provides as well.​

I think the penis sleeve is an amazing and innovative way to explore gratification and satisfaction.​ The pump, paired with the sleeve, is an amazing combination and opens many doors to new experiences.​ This is an investment that I’m sure I won’t regret!