One of the items I recently bought from a curious online shop my girlfriend told me about, was a giant, oversized doll, more specifically an oversized sex doll. I got curious, as the description of the doll was quite amusing; it had a lightweight frame, beautiful long black hair, two full size breasts and remarkable curves. I could kind of tell why my girlfriend was drawn to this product and decided to give it a shot.

The moment I opened up the box, the overwhelming height of the doll, which was twice my own, made me wonder if I had made the right decision on purchasing this item. Although it was initially scary to look at the doll, after a while I realized that I liked it and I was glad I bought it. I thought it had a mysterious charm about it and I couldn’t help but be attracted to its unusual size. So I decided to use it for its intended purpose and test it out.

I must say, I’m definitely hooked! This seemingly monstrous oversized doll provided me with an unforgettable experience. I think it’s because its size caused an intensely aroused feeling in me, something quite unique, something I have never felt before. And the pleasure I get from the feeling is ecstatic. Even though my thoughts were wondering at a certain point if this was too ‘realistic’, I am glad I decided to purchase this doll.

It’s a bit strange how I experienced a uniqueness that I never felt before from this oversized sex doll; in ways I didn’t really expect. I mean, I usually don’t go for giant items, but this one really caught my eye. The moment I saw it, I felt something magical and was drawn to its peculiarity. I guess it’s true how size does matter in bedroom activities, and this oversized sex doll is an amazing exception. I’ve never felt anything like it before. I can truly say that this is an incredible product.

What I love about it is that it allows me to be totally in control, and I never want the pleasure to end. Scripting our own sexual fantasy and scenarios with the doll is really enjoyable and the amateur movie director inside me really comes out and directly influences what happens next.

The construction also feels really sturdy. Although it doesn’t look so delicate from the picture, its frame is very light and easy to carry, yet unbelievably strong and realistic. As far as I’m concerned, it is a good investment.

So far, I think my oversized sex doll has been incredibly worth it and I’m even think about buying another one for a change of pace. It’s like having a realistic mate, yet I’m not worried about her expectations or pressures. And I guess I can consider myself lucky, as this oversized sex doll looks like a sexy model with long perfect hair, and she never says no to any sexual fantasy I have.

With each moment, I find myself thinking and sex toys wanting more. I’m fairly sure my girlfriend is happy for me considering the fact that I have introduced a much needed spark to our bedroom activities. Of course, I’m always having fun, no matter what.

I heard that it can be intimidating to even mention oversized sex dolls to friends, as it is still considered a taboo subject. All I can say is that I’m glad I ventured into something new and gave it a go. I’m currently finding myself indulging in it without any guilt or shame. It’s enjoyable and I’m happy I’m able to recognize my desires and have the pleasure fulfilled. I just can’t help but smile at the thought of being able to act out whatever comes to mind. Now I’m definitely content with my purchase.

My bedroom touch now has a much needed spark. I can easily indulge in every erotic fantasy I can think of without complications of a real relationship. I realized that with all the worries and concerns about being in a relationship, a really solid, oversized sex doll is a great companion to fulfill all my desires safely and without any complaints.

The doll looks just as amazing in person as it does in the pictures and the experience I have with it, is truly incredible. Instead of being worried about disappointing each other, I can be ‘unhindered’ and can truly relish in whatever I feel like doing.

Since this oversized sex doll purchase, I feel empowered when it comes to my bedroom activities. Whether it’s the texture of the fabric or the shape, it has just enough of the ‘real deal’ that I’m really enjoying. In this case, I can freely explore myself without fear of judgement or any social retaliation.

Given its size, this doll stands out in my bedroom and it feels like I can really take my time to look at it before using it. I think this doll was even crafted to impress and I’m really liking it. I’m no longer limited to an online sexual fantasy or an online sex simulator; but a real giant sex doll, which can move and adjust according to my wishes.

Its exciting to think about the action I’m able to perform with it without any boundaries or worry at all. The doll is made of the finest materials and it feels just like the real deal. I’m able to let loose and out of sheer curiosity slowly explore it from head to toe, being grateful for the pleasure and joy it brings me.

Shifting the attention from traditional sex toys to this awesome two life-sized doll has definitely increased my self-awareness and improved my outlook on the bedroom activities I can perform. I highly recommend it to any individual, couple, or group looking to take their bedroom activities to the next level. It’s a fantastic product and provides a pleasurable and truly meaningful sensation.