Oh wow! Dildos! An interesting thing to talk about. It’s amazing how far technology has come that we now have little robots that can simulate the pleasure of an intimate encounter. But just how much are dildos? How did we get here, or is this some sort of revolutionary new technology that has taken us by surprise?

Well, to answer that question let’s take a little trip down memory lane. Dildos have been around for centuries. Ancient Egyptians used a slightly rudimentary form of dildo made from stone and wood. These simple toys evolved and we had the luxury of buying them at local shops – often at extravagant prices. Until recently, these shops catered to the luxury consumer and sold dildos at a premium price of up to $200.

However, with the advent of the internet, things have changed drastically. Nowadays, people can easily find dildos on websites like Amazon and eBay at surprisingly low prices. Depending on the size, shape, material, and brand, dildos can range from $5 to nearly $150. On average, you’re looking at spending $25-$40. Not bad when you consider it’s much cheaper than paying for a night out.

But as with any type of product, prices will always vary dependent on demand. With that being said, if you happen to find a dildo in a store that you like, buy it right away! You never know when it might go out of stock, or worse, when the price may go up.

You also want to consider the material when it comes to deciding how much to spend. Some brands are simply better than others and can cost up to 10 times as much. This can be a result of higher quality silicone or unique features like a second motor to increase pleasure. For serious users or established sex dolls toy connoisseurs, investing in higher quality can be totally worth it.

Speaking from personal experience, I absolutely love my dildo! I’m a big believer in using quality products and keeping it clean with a good cleaning product like sliquid silver after each use. Plus, the feeling of being able to explore my own body in such a pleasurable way is no match for what I could get from a partner – which is practically nothing.

I guess what it really comes down to is how much you’re willing to spend on something that will give you such pleasure and satisfaction in the comfort of your own home. How much are dildos? Honestly? Worth every penny.