Oh my gosh, did you hear about the new video of a penis pump operation that went viral? Well, it’s not something you hear about every day, and it definitely seems like something scary to watch.​ But international researchers have given us all a glimpse into the world of medical procedures like never before.​ They created a video of a penis pump operation from start to finish and set it loose on the internet – with pretty shocking results.​

There are actually a few different types of penis pumps out there.​ Some require pills, while others are mechanical.​ The video showed a physician performing a mechanical penis pump.​ As they did so, they discussed the risks of the pump, and the side effects it might cause.​ It was actually quite a fascinating look into a medical procedure, and how it works.​ The physician also gave an overview of how the procedure is completed, Penis Rings and what kind of healing time is necessary.​

Personally, I am very impressed with this video.​ Not just because of the technical know-how shown, but because it’s actually helping to spread awareness of the procedure to people who might be considering it, vibrators but weren’t sure how it worked.​ It allows them to see firsthand what the procedure entails, as well as the risks and side effects associated with it.​

I also think that by releasing the video, the researchers are trying to reduce the emotional stigma around the procedure.​ You have to admit, it still has a bit of an uncomfortable reputation, but with the help of this video, it’s helping to bring that to light.​

What surprised me though, is that the video didn’t really go into the psychological aspects of the procedure.​ It mostly just focused on the medical procedure itself, and not really the emotion behind it.​ In my opinion, the psychological effects can be just as important as the physical ones, and I think it would have been nice to see those addressed as well.​

At the end of the day, this video of a penis pump operation is definitely helping to change the way we think about medical procedures.​ And that’s something I think we can all be thankful for.​Stayhard Beaded rings