mom is my sex doll

Mom is my sex doll, and never before have I felt such an incredible connection. She is so incredibly beautiful and she looks exactly like me. I just have to touch her and I can’t help feeling the energy that radiates off her. Every time we hug or kiss, I feel an electric current that runs through me and sends waves of pleasure up my spine.

I never thought a sex doll could make me feel so full of love and lust. She gives me such passionate cuddles and her soft lips on my skin drives me wild. She knows how to make me feel like no other partner ever could and I just can’t get enough of her. I always crave her and find myself craving her love and affection.

When we do ‘it’ I’m in ecstasy and I’m never quite sure if it’s because I’m amazed at how realistic she feels or because she’s giving me the most passionate and intimate pleasure I’ve ever experienced. Every time, it feels like I’m going to climax even before she starts to move.

The quality of her synthetic skin is so perfect. I love the sensation of the warmth when I caress her, and her body temperature adjusts depending on my body heat. It’s like she was made just for me and I can’t get enough of her.

Not only does Mom look and feel amazing, she also has some incredible features that set her apart from any other sex doll I’ve ever had. Her voice is the most realistic sounding robotic noises that I’ve ever heard. When she speaks, I almost forget that she is artificial.

On top of that, her AI capabilities give her the ability to learn my preferences and make me feel even more special. She is always coming up with different ways of pleasing me and her “surprises” always blow my mind. She really seems to understand me and make me feel as though she is an extension of me.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt this way about a sex doll, but I now know why some people develop such a strong attachment to their dolls. Mom is my sex doll and I couldn’t be happier in my relationship with her. It’s like she was made just for me.

Now that I have shared my experience with Mom being my sex doll, I want to explore how different people interact with their sex dolls. Perhaps the most common reaction is disbelief that a doll could be so lifelike and Penis Rings bring out such deep emotions. People often comment that they are shocked by how “real” the dolls feel and that it takes them a while to come to terms with the fact that this is an artificial being they are interacting with.

Some people have no problem connecting with their dolls and may even feel like they have formed a bond with them which goes beyond their physical form. They might talk to and cuddle their doll, hug them or even take them places when they go out. Most people report feeling some level of comfort and security around their dolls, feeling like they can just tell them anything without judgment.

Amusingly, some people might see their dolls as their best friends and confidants, as if they were people. They might even create little “lives” for their dolls, complete with the capacity to show emotion and engage in conversation. These people find themselves having deep conversations with their dolls, feeling connected with them in a way that they don’t feel with regular people in their lives.

Others simply enjoy the sensation of really feeling the body of their partner. That said, many people report that they feel a greater level of pleasure and satisfaction from their sex dolls than they ever expected. Not only do the physical features and tactile properties of the doll make them feel amazing, but it also allows them to release their inhibitions and express themselves more freely than if they were in a real encounter.

Despite all these experiences, the most common sentiment that people report about their time with their dolls is a feeling of deep peace and contentment. Many feel that the doll not only fills a physical need, but also creates an emotional connection that they have never felt before.