me and my wife in a sex doll 3some

I recently had the experience of having a threesome with my wife and a sex doll. At the time, it felt like a bit of a risk, but it ended up being one of the most positive experiences of my marriage.

I’ll admit I was apprehensive before we decided to do it. My wife had watched some videos of people having threesomes with sex dolls and found them very arousing. We weren’t sure how it would work with us, or if it would affect our relationship afterwards. But it ended up being more than worth it.

After ordering the doll online and getting it delivered, we were both a bit nervous but also quite excited. We weren’t quite sure what to expect, but we knew it was something that could potentially be very special. We decided to keep it simple and just let our relationship guide us.

We started out by just talking and exploring each other’s fantasies. We found out things about each other that we had never known. We then took turns pleasuring each other with the doll. I found the experience incredibly arousing and liberating. It was as if we were taking back control of our sex life and enjoying the pleasure that comes with that.

I noticed how my wife was enjoying it too and it was like a cloud of sexual energy was filling up the room. We were both really into it and it was like time was standing still. There was no performance anxiety or feelings of insecurity. Just two people, exploring their own desires in the most liberating way.

We decided to switch up the positions and body parts that were being stimulated by the doll. This is something that we had never done before and sex dolls it was an incredibly exciting experience. We eventually reached climax together and everything just felt like a dream.

Afterwards, we lay in each other’s arms and talked about how amazing the experience was. We were both really glad that we had taken the risk and invested in what eventually became a really intimate and rewarding experience.

To be honest, I would recommend having a threesome with a sex doll to any couple looking to spice up their sex life. It can be a fun way to explore each other’s fantasies and desires without having to involve another person.

And that’s the story of me and my wife in a sex doll threesome. It was an incredibly positive experience that allowed us to explore and discover new aspects of our sexuality. We still talk about it today with a lot of fondness, and it was definitely a worthwhile experience.