masturbation male extreme

I was always a bit ashamed to talk about this topic, but after having an insane example of extreme male masturbation I figured why not?

It all started when a good friend of mine asked me if I’ve ever tried to masturbate myself all the way to the point of climax, hoping to reach the ultimate point of pleasure.​ I couldn’t say that I have, but I did admit that I have pushed myself hard enough to the point where I started to feel burning and tight sensations all over my body.​

So I decided to take my masturbation experience to the extreme.​ I would stroke and massage my Penis Rings faster and harder than ever before.​ I found myself using nasty dirty talk and experimenting with varied kinky fantasies to take my masturbation pleasure to another level.​

The next thing I knew, I was screaming and moaning with pleasure, and feeling electrifying vibrations rushing all over my body like I’ve never felt before.​ It was intense, I tell you!

In the end, I couldn’t believe how good it felt to go to the extremes with masturbation.​ It was so fulfilling and satisfying.​ I was relieved to explore different techniques and ways of exploring and reaching pleasure.​

But of course, with extreme pleasure comes extreme risks.​ So, it’s important to know your limits and always practice safe masturbation.​ Be mindful of where you’re doing it, and the kind of tools and lubes you’re using.​

Often times, extreme masturbation can come with a few depressions the following days.​ As such, it’s essential to focus on your breathing and being present.​ Don’t be afraid to explore different things, and get creative with it.​

After that experience, I kept exploring different forms of masturbation.​ From using sensual lotions to penetration.​ With the internet being so accessible I found some tutorials on sensual techniques.​ Everything from glory holes, prostate milking to learning prostate massage.​ For me, taking the risk opened up an entire new spectrum of pleasure.​

Moreover, I discovered the wonderful world of sex toys for male pleasure.​ From sex dolls to vibrators, and other tools that can help stimulate pleasure beyond what I could have imagined.​

Due to my boldness, I have become more aware and conscious of my body’s pleasure responses.​ All the different kinky practices have helped me learn more about my body, and keep exploring new ways of achieving pleasurable climax with solo-sex.​

I’m now more open to experimenting and playing around with different toys and types of self-servicing pleasure.​ Whether it’s fingers, toys or all kinds of penetration, I’m no longer afraid of pushing my boundaries and exploring more.​

Still, whenever I’m feeling extra daring I always go back to extreme male masturbation.​ It’s a good way of releasing any tension or nervousness that I may be carrying.​ Plus, it always takes me on an intensely pleasurable ride.​

I’m sure others share the same feeling, any guy willing to push themselves to the extreme should always remember that safety comes first and to always keep your mind open to newer and more exciting forms of exploration.​