male how to masturbate

Masturbation is a healthy and natural way for men to explore their sexual desires.​ It’s a great way to learn about themselves, to understand their pleasure needs and to become more comfortable with their bodies – and it’s something everybody should feel free to do.​ It’s been traditionally fairly taboo, so today I want to share some of my knowledge and experience.​

I can remember the first time I masturbated – it was exciting and a bit awkward, and I felt incredibly relieved afterwards.​ I was quite shy at the time, so I kept it to myself – it was only years later that I learned that I wasn’t alone in having experimented with masturbation.​

It’s important to know that there’s no wrong or right way to masturbate.​ Some men like to stroke their penis up and down, others go for a circular motion – although it can be a good idea to mix it up from time to time and keep it interesting! Sometimes a man may not be able to orgasm every time he masturbates, which is totally normal.​ Start by taking your time and getting to know yourself and your body better.​

A lot of guys find that lubricant is helpful when masturbating, as it can make for a smoother experience.​ It’s also a good idea to take some breaths and relax before beginning.​ Being in a relaxed, comfortable environment is important – and make sure you’re not disturbed! Some men find it easier to masturbate alone, and others may prefer someone else to join them.​

Most importantly, it’s important to enjoy the experience and explore all the pleasurable sensations.​ There are a few different ways to maximise pleasure – some men like to stroke their testicles while masturbating and make the experience last longer.​ Experimenting with different erogenous zones can help as well.​

I’ve found that playing with the tempo is really key – start by taking things slowly and then build up the intensity as you feel more confident.​ Some men find using their other hand helpful too, and other people may enjoy using a vibrator.​ You can try out different combinations to see what works best for you.​

These days I understand how important masturbation is for overall well-being.​ Masturbation can reduce stress and allow us to take a break from our busy lives.​ It can also improve sexual performance over time, as it allows us to become more familiar with our own bodies.​

I’ve found that porn can be helpful as a supplement when masturbating – there’s a huge variety out there and anything goes! I always like to take a look around before I start, and find something that really turns me on.​ It’s important to remember though that it’s just for fun – there shouldn’t be any pressure to come, and the focus should always be on getting pleasure.​

Every man is different, so it can be helpful to experiment and see what works best for you.​ I’ve noticed that when I take a bath before I masturbate, it helps make me more relaxed and comfortable – something I wouldn’t have thought of before.​ It’s really important to understand that there’s no one right way to masturbate – it’s all about discovering what brings the most pleasure and joy.​

I’ve also found that music can be really helpful when masturbating.​ Listening to something calming or exciting can increase pleasure and add a whole new dimension to the experience.​ It can also be a great way of getting in the mood – so I always like to have a playlist or two that I can turn to when I’m feeling particularly horny.​

Sex toys can be a great addition too – I’ve tried out a few different ones over the years and found them really helpful.​ It’s important to remember to use lube and to choose something that’s designed for the job.​ I’ve even been known to use a vibrator on my Penis Rings from time to time – it can give a completely different sensation than just using your hands.​

It’s been really liberating learning about masturbation and how I can use it to my own advantage.​ I’ve found that some days I just want to take a few minutes to myself and focus on getting off; other times I’ll spend much longer and really savor each moment.​ It’s my own little oasis and I find it really helpful in getting in tune with my body and my sexuality.​