I’ve got some interesting information to share with you – I think you’re really gonna love it! Tantric male masturbation is a powerful practice that can help unlock our inner strength and sexual power.​ It can help us to reconnect with our body, deepen our sexual pleasure and move us closer to a spiritual climax.​

Let me tell you about my own experience with it.​ I started exploring tantric male masturbation a few months ago and I have found it to be immensely enjoyable and enlightening.​ At first I was intimidated by the idea of it.​ After all, I had heard from friends and books that it is a very intimate practice.​ But I decided to try it out for myself and I’m so glad I did.​

I embraced and explored my own body in ways I never had before.​ And I felt incredibly empowered afterwards.​ It’s like I had been living life in a fog before, but now everything was crystal clear.​ I could feel my body for the first time – really become aware of its shape and pleasure.​ By taking the time to really focus on myself in a loving and gentle manner, I felt a deep connection to my own sexuality that I had never experienced before.​

In tantric male masturbation, there are many techniques to explore.​ I began with a simple basic practice of stroking my Penis Rings in an up and down motion.​ This felt great, but I soon discovered by experimenting with my sensations that I could explore a much wider range of pleasures.​

For instance, I discovered that by applying pressure to different spots along the sides of my shaft I could produce sensations I hadn’t felt before.​ I also learned to move more slowly and rhythmically, deepening my pleasure and enjoying the journey of self-exploration.​ By focusing on my breathing during the experience, I was able to stay relaxed and really experience a new level of sexual pleasure.​

My favorite part of tantric male masturbation was discovering how to make an orgasm last much longer.​ I found that by controlling my breath and movements, I could ride waves of pleasure for dildos much longer periods of time.​ When I finally vented out the orgasm, it was like stepping into a different dimension of bliss.​ I felt recharged, energized and deeply connected to my body.​

I started to explore other, more in-depth techniques such as using visualization and eye-gazing.​ These practices can be really powerful ways to deepen the experience.​ Through visualization, I could imagine my sexual energy as a ball of light that was growing and expanding with each touch.​ I could also move the ball of light up and down my body – it felt so good and empowering.​

I learned that by powerful eye-gazing during masturbation I could really move into a whole new level of consciousness.​ The stare of my own eyes seemed to be almost hypnotizing, which take me deeper into the experience.​ It can be a really profound and spiritual experience.​

I began to explore tantric energy techniques, which involve breathing deeply and contracting the whole body to draw in and circulate energy through the body.​ This is an incredibly powerful practice that is said to be able to produce feelings of bliss and cosmic consciousness.​ I must admit, after a few practice sessions I felt like I was soaring somewhere high in the sky, feeling more alive than ever before.​

The more I practice, the more I discover about tantric male masturbation.​ I plan to keep exploring and learning as I go – I’m excited to see where this journey of self-discovery takes me.​ Have you ever explored tantric male masturbation? I’d love to hear about your experiences too.​