It was all over the news.​ A male masturbator kickstarter campaign just went viral and it left me scratching my head.​ I mean, is this really the kind of product that people will fund? But here I was, on the train ride home, watching as the project surpassed its goals.​

I was curious to learn more, so went down the rabbit hole and did some digging.​ What I found was a world of silicone and technology coming together to revolutionize the art of self-pleasure.​ Gone were the days of simple hand tools, replaced with sleek contoured shapes ready to help you give your body the peak pleasure it desires.​

It quickly became obvious why the Kickstarter was so successful.​ The crowdfunding platform allowed those wishing to indulge in pleasure to feel more comfortable and anonymous when buying something barely even discussed in the past.​ It was like a higher class of satisfaction in the comfort of your own home.​

The amount of positive investor feedback was truly staggering.​ It seemed like everyone was happy to make it a reality and reward the creators with their hard-earned money.​ That’s when it dawned on me; a male masturbator kickstarter was always for the greater good.​

The whole concept made perfect sense to me.​ Here was a product with a typical male demographic that had created something for their own pleasure.​ It was like a personal win-win, a product that gives you satisfaction while helping to break a taboo.​

Having said that, it wasn’t just the obvious fact of it helping out the male sex.​ It was also about helping break an age-old taboo, one that told men it was shameful to seek out pleasure on their own.​ The success of the Male Masturbator Kickstarter had all the hallmarks of a new era of sexual freedom and liberation, for both men and women.​

In many respects, I believe this campaign was a real triumph.​ It not only raised questions about the taboos of sexual exploration but opened an incredibly important conversation that will benefit all those involved.​ It was a chance to discover a new world of self-pleasure and Penis Rings body-positivity.​

I even think it can be seen as a form of activism that shifts the conversation away from traditional forms of pleasure and utopia to a more progressive view.​ There is so much to be gained from this campaign, both in terms of creating healthier conversations about pleasure and breaking down taboos that are still attached to the male sex dolls.​

It may seem difficult to grasp why the Male Masturbator Kickstarter had such success.​ But when you think about it, it goes far beyond the titillation of an ‘alternative’ product.​ It provides more than just pleasure; it challenges traditional views and ideas of what a male should be and how a male should act.​

Factory Whosale 157 Cm Sex Dolls Tpe Realistic Lifelike Sex Doll Flat Chest Silicone - Buy Sex ...The campaign was a real game-changer in the way we relate to ourselves and view sex.​ It encouraged those wishing to explore their sexuality that it was OK to do so and that pleasure is no longer something shameful, but something that is encouraged and celebrated.​

It’s truly inspiring to see something like this gaining so much traction.​ I think it’s safe to say that the nature of self-pleasure and body-positivity has been forever changed by the success of this Kickstarter campaign.​