It all began with an innocent curiosity.​ I was intrigued by the idea of penis pumping and started to investigate all the options out there.​ I stumbled upon several posts featuring penis pumping with a vacuum cleaner, and that’s when I decided that I had to try it out.​

It looked a bit intimidating at first, what with the whole vacuum and tubes set-up, but I was determined to try it.​ I read a couple of tutorials and read a few comments of people who had experienced it themselves, and it all seemed surprisingly easy.​ So here I am today, with a brand new vacuum cleaner in hand.​

My first attempt was quite an adventure – let me tell you that.​ It didn’t take too long to get the equipment ready and the feeling on my penis was really intriguing and pleasurable.​ But, at one point I felt like the vacuum was a bit too strong and that made me quite anxious.​ I had to adjust several times and reassess to find the right pressure and ensure my safety.​

After several attempts, I finally found the sweet spot and I was able to enjoy pumping without any worries.​ I felt a real rush when the vacuum was on and a great release when it was completed.​ I even noticed some pleasant suction on my testicles!

That’s when I decided to experiment a bit with different settings and techniques.​ I used different levels of suction, temperature and pressure and I could immediately notice the difference in terms of pressure and pleasure produced.​ I definitely feel like I was able to find the best combination that worked both for me and the vacuum – all safely.​

I ended up honoring the old knowledge of sexual health and pleasure, nursing my Penis Rings with patience and respect.​ I’ve found that low levels of suction and using lubricant works better rather than higher levels of suction.​ I emphasize slow and controlled moves, making sure I move the tube and the suction at the same time.​ That’s how I manage to nurture my penis with a soothing and pleasurable massage.​

It’s amazing to see how far I’ve gone and how much I’ve learned in such little time! What I’ve been doing is a type of edging, gradually increasing the duration and pressure as I go.​ I’m slowly mastering the art of penis pumping with a vacuum cleaner and I can confidently say I’m happy with the results.​

Now, I’m comfortable enough to bring my own vacuum cleaner, that I call my “Pump mate” anywhere I go.​ I usually alternate between different types of pumps and find that using two pumps provides me with a powerful suction.​ The pressure and suction that I’m able to achieve feel much more intense than anything I have ever experienced before.​

Something that I found really useful is incorporating other types of massage techniques, such as perineum massage.​ It helps with relaxation and encourages circulation to the penis, which in turn enhances the pumping effect.​ I also like to mix up the exercises and techniques I use with my vacuum cleaner, like switching between gentle strokes and more vigorous movements.​

I’ve also experimented with temperatures.​ Warm temperatures provide a pleasant feeling and add intensity to the pumping.​ Although it is important to take all safety precautions, using warm water in the vacuum cleaner can be really helpful in boosting the pleasure around the whole penis.​

I have got to say, in my experience with penis pumping with a vacuum cleaner, I have had some amazing moments of pleasure and enjoyment.​ It has helped me build trust in my penis, to honour it, my body and my sexuality, making my pumping sessions even more pleasurable and enjoyable.​

Furthermore, I’ve discovered the secret techniques to prolong pleasure and sensations for a longer time, which helps me to reach even higher levels of pleasure.​ Furthermore, with the right strategies, timing and setting, this kind of sex dolls play can bring us closer together and it can be amazing when shared with your partner.​

That being said, penis pumping requires practice and patience.​ To get the most of it and keep it pleasurable, I always take the time and the effort to customize my pumping routine.​ It pays off to have all the details sorted out beforehand and to be mindful of possible risks.​ Reassuring all safety measures and knowing your limits is essential.​

So, all in all, penis pumping with a vacuum cleaner can be a fun, pleasurable and safe event, if done the right way.​ It’s an enjoyable journey that can lead to profound sex play.​ I’ve truly learned to enhance my pleasure and that’s what I am going to keep exploring in the near future.​

Now I know what it takes to use a vacuum cleaner for pleasure.​ I’ve come to rely on my trusty Pump mate and all the skills I’ve acquired, making penis pumping a truly enjoyable and worthwhile experience.​ I look forward to pushing those boundaries further and titles that bring me amazing orgasms and pleasure.​