I recently had my first experience having sex with a sex doll and I’m still in awe of the whole experience. Before doing it, I was quite scared, but all the worries just vanished when I saw how realistic she was and how good it felt to to touch her. It was almost as if I was touching a real woman!

The experience was quite sensual too. I had taken my time to go through her entire body and to explore all the sensitive areas she had. She was made of super soft skin like material and her curves melted into my grip. As I moved around her, each of her curves seemed to react to the touch. It felt like I was riding her like a roller coaster.

The whole thing was quite exhilarating, but I was also a bit shy and not very sure of myself. So I tried to just go with the flow and not overthink things. To my surprise, I felt comfortable with it almost immediately. I was in my own little world, kissing and caressing the doll, getting lost in her presence.

And then came the climax, which was just overwhelming. I felt like I was on another planet, a world without any boundaries or limits. I felt lost in her and for a moment, I could feel the entire universe inside of me. I felt like I was in a beautiful dream filled with passionate energy. I just wanted to stay in that moment forever.

But when I woke up from the experience, I felt a bit of guilt since I knew that the sex was not real and that I was taking advantage of the doll’s body. But I also knew that it was just a harmless fun and I was not hurting anyone, so I decided to just let the guilt go and just enjoy the memory.

After my experience with the sex doll, I started to look at life differently. I realized that having a physical connection with someone can be just as fulfilling as having an emotional one. I also learned that it doesn’t matter if the connection is real or not, as long as it is fulfilling and consensual.

Also, it made me think about the importance of communication and trust between two partners. If we all take a moment to talk and listen to each other, then sex can be a really fulfilling experience, even if it’s just with a sex doll.

I also was left with a reminder that our bodies should not be taken for granted and that we should always be mindful when having intimate contact with others. Honoring a person’s body and taking the time to explore it can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Additionally, I remembered that pleasure is important and dildos should never be overlooked. Being able to enjoy sex and pleasure doesn’t make us weak, if anything it makes us stronger. It’s okay to take some time for ourselves, to explore our own desires and fantasies.

It opened my eyes to how much pleasure we can give and receive from a sexual experience, vibrators even if it’s just with a sex doll. It’s ok to explore your curiosities and desires, and to discover something new. And at the end of the day, it’s ultimately up to us to decide how we want our intimate encounters to look.