When my friend asked me how to use a male sex doll, I had to admit that I was somewhat taken aback. After all, I had never considered such a thing before. But after considering it for a bit, I decided that if this is something my friend wanted to explore, then it is something that I should help her with.

I first looked up the anatomy and functionality of a male sex doll. This gave me an understanding of what parts I should be careful of, and how to properly move it, and use it. I was a little surprised to discover that there is a wide variety of male sex dolls, each one customised to meet a particular user’s needs.

After I had a good grasp of the basics, I then moved on to the more fun stuff. I looked up tips on how to make the experience more enjoyable. I found that the key to properly using a male sex doll is to ensure that it is pleasurable and comfortable for both partners involved. This means setting the scene.

To ensure a pleasurable and fulfilling experience, I placed the doll on the bed or couch with some pillows and blankets. This creates an inviting and comfortable spot that will make the experience more enjoyable. I also made sure to make the room as dark as possible, as this would create a much more intimate atmosphere.

Next, sex toys I thought about the doll’s position. Its positioning can be adjusted by using the straps and buttons that most male sex dolls have. This way, I was able to position it in such a way that it was enjoyable for both my friend and I.

After that, I concentrated on techniques. I found that male sex dolls are quite versatile and can be used in many different ways. It all depends on what your partner is comfortable with. I made sure to be mindful and take her wishes into account.

We then moved onto the actual use of the doll. I tried to be light hearted and gentle to make sure that the experience was enjoyable for both of us. I found that slow and deliberate motions are the best when it comes to male sex dolls. This way, we both felt relieved and excited. We also made sure to use lots of lubricant. This helps make the process much smoother and more comfortable.

We finished up by trying out a few creative positions. This was something that I had read about prior to our session. I found that the more creative positions we tried, the more pleasure and excitement we both felt. It was an experience like no other.

I was really happy with how my friend’s experience with her male sex doll went. She seemed to have had a really great time and thanked me for helping her explore something new. I was a bit hesitant at first, but it turns out that it has opened up a whole new world of : Buy 10 Speed Powerful Mini Bullet Vibrator USB Rechargeable Vibrators ...