how to masturbate as a trans male

Let me tell you the thing about masturbation when you’re a trans male.​ I know it can seem daunting and confusing at first.​ But trust me, it doesn’t have to be that way.​ The first time I did it, I can honestly say it was an incredible experience.​

When you first start out, make sure you take your time.​ Go about exploring yourself, see what feels good and what doesn’t.​ Listen to your body, it knows what it needs.​ I found that having a bunch of different types of lube on-hand was incredibly helpful.​ Make sure to find one that’s as close to your body’s natural lubricant as possible.​

Next, focus on relaxing yourself.​ Choose a comfortable, warm, well-lit environment and find a place to lie down or sit where you can concentrate on yourself.​ Put on some calming music, anything from classical to pop depending on your taste.​ And breathe, deeply.​ Take your time as you explore different areas of your body; feeling them, discovering new sensations as you go.​

At some point, you may decide to use a vibrator.​ There are many types available designed especially for trans men, so make sure to do your research.​ Experiment with different settings and speeds, play around until you find what you like.​ Don’t be afraid to try something new or different.​

Now let’s talk about orgasms.​ It’s important not to expect too much from yourself the first few times, as it can take time to learn how to reach them.​ Slow and steady will make sure you get there.​ Again, use your lube liberally, and explore and experiment.​ As you become more familiar with your body and what works, you will be able to easily reach them with your hand or a toy.​

Once you have become an expert in trying to masturbate as a trans male try exploring further into pushing your boundaries.​ Embracing new experiences, fantasies, and techniques are great ways to explore and add more pleasure to your session.​ Have a play around with different contraptions, toys, and positions that you haven’t tried before.​ Be sure to talk to your partner and friends to make sure you feel comfortable.​

The key is to be open-minded; to fully embrace the experience and explore it as much as possible.​ Pay attention to your body, what turns you on and what feels good.​ Trial and error can be your best friend here.​ Finally, don’t forget to express gratitude – gratitude to your body for being able to experience pleasure.​

When you have become so comfortable with self-pleasure, you can slowly start introducing your partner into the equation, if you feel comfortable.​ Try using body language and softly spoken words.​ Touch your partner’s body and ask what it likes and what it’s feeling.​ Give oral pleasure and ask questions about what the receiver enjoys if you’re not sure.​

You can further explore self-love by using toys that you and/or your partner can use at the same time.​ Dual-stimulation toys are great for this, as you can control the sensations you and your partner experience together.​ You can also get toys which allow you to control a toy with a remote.​ Some toys even come with a phone app, allowing you to control the sensations from across the room.​

It can be exciting to spice things up a bit with games, role-play, and creative scenarios.​ For example, set up an exciting environment with music and lighting.​ Use clothing, like a corset, to feel more in control of your body and in control of the pleasure being shared.​ Set up a massage chair with relaxing scents such as rose, lavender, and lilac.​ Compliment yourself in the mirror, and also in front of your partner.​ Talk about fantasies and Penis Rings desires, and don’t be afraid to experiment.​

Another great way to spice things up is to use bondage, such as blindfolds, handcuffs, and restraints.​ Start out slow and gentle, use a safe word to end the session if desired.​ Massage and lightly scratch each other’s bodies to heighten the experience.​ The use of erotic literature or audio audio recordings can also be an amazing addition to sex and masturbation.​

Masturbation should not be seen as a solitary process, but rather a shared experience between you and your partner.​ Encourage slow and conscious touch.​ And don’t forget to change up positions frequently or use different kinds of lubrications.​ The idea here is to surprise and tantalize each other.​

Dildos can also be incredibly enjoyable for trans male masturbation.​ Experiment, figure out what kind of feeling you like.​ It can help to use a small vibrator in conjunction with the dildo as this can help increase pleasure.​

And finally, use a mirror to observe yourself or your partner while masturbating.​ This can be a helpful exercise for anyone who was assigned female at birth, as it can serve to boost confidence and help to create positive feelings towards body image.​

Masturbation is not just about reaching climax.​ It can also be a form of self-love and can give you an opportunity to learn more about yourself and what turns you on.​ It can also be a great way to build a stronger connection between yourself and your partner.​ Plus, it can be really fun and liberating.​ So don’t be afraid – be the confident and joyful sexual being you are!