how to make a male masturbation toy from a condom

When it comes to crafting a DIY sex toy, the possibilities are endless – who knew?! But today, I’m going to talk about making your own male masturbation toy from a common household item: a condom.​

First thing’s first – make sure you’ve got yourself a condom to work with.​ Now, you could either buy one at most pharmacies or store, or if you’d rather go the thrifty route, you can also make a homemade one, if you so choose.​ If you do decide to make your own, you’ll need some basic materials like latex or rubber, scissors, needle and thread, and a few other items, like oil or lube.​

Once you’ve got your condom ready, it’s time to start working.​ The basic idea is to stretch out the condom to suit your needs – meaning you’ll want to cut it down to the length and size that fits best.​ To do so, start by making a straight, horizontal cut at one end of the condom, then pull it gently until it’s at the desired width.​

Once it’s to size, secure the open end with a piece of yarn or thread.​ Then, you’ll want to add a bit of lube and oil to the condom, just to make sure that the finished product is comfortable to the touch and won’t feel too dry.​

At this point, your homemade sex toy is ready for use.​ To make sure that there’s no slipping or sliding and that you get the most out of your DIY device, try taping it to a secure surface.​ This ensures that the device won’t move around while in use and also makes sure that the material won’t wear out too quickly.​

Have you ever tried making your own male masturbation toy from a condom? Sure, it might sound a little wild and crazy, but it can be surprisingly effective! Plus, it allows you to personalize the experience to your own needs – something you can’t do with store-bought toys.​

Now that we’ve got the basics figured out, let’s play around with some more complex versions.​ One great example is to make a condom plus candle set-up.​ All you need is a condom and any candle of your choice.​ Start by filling the condom with the molten wax before placing it into a bowl of cold water to cool down and get its shape.​

Next, carefully pour the wax into the already-stretched-out condom.​ The wax will start to mingle with your lube and oil, giving the material an even more interesting and sensual feel.​ You can even create ridges in the condom for an even greater sensation.​

If you’d rather not work with wax, there are plenty of other options as well.​ Instead, you could fill the condom with small, smooth stones or chopped fruit, like mangos or strawberries.​ Make sure to use some lube or oil with whatever you pick, so that the material feels comfortable against your skin while in use.​

Playing around with textures is always a great way to perfect your own homemade masturbating tool.​ For example, try adding ribbed condoms for an extra pleasurable experience.​ Or an even better idea: grab some silicone or rubber gloves, cut off their fingertips, then fill them with your bank of choice and voilà!

Ready to take your DIY male masturbation toy to the next level? Don’t be afraid to try out some kinky accessories.​ For instance, you could add removable vibrators to the mix or even get creative with a variety of textures, Penis Rings like a fur-lined glove or a feather duster.​

Ultimately, a homemade male masturbation toy can be whatever you want it to be! With some creativity, a little bit of DIY skill, and some of your favorite materials, you’ll be able to craft the perfect toy for your needs in no time.​ What do you think? Wanna give it a go?