how to intensify sex with toys

It’s happened to all of us, right? You’re in the middle of sex, it feels so good, you both are so into it… Ba-Bam! Everything just starts to go downhill quickly. What’s happened? We’ve been there, done that. It’s like something that just turns off the excitement suddenly. And here we are, searching for new roads to pleasure.

Let me tell ya’, it’s time to have some fun with toys! Toys are fun! They bring joy to the bedroom and intensifying the experience of pleasure. Personally, I have seen a huge difference when I’ve used toys with my partner. If you’re someone who still hasn’t tried out sex toys with their partner, don’t worry. Let me reassure you, it can be a great addition to your sex life and an amazing learning experience.

Now, there are two categories of toys you have to keep in mind, first, we’ve got the classic toys, the ones we’re all familiar with. And then, on the other hand, we have the futuristic toys. The ones that will make feel just like in sci-fi, such as remote-controllable vibrators. Fun, ain’t it?

When it comes to classic toys, I’ve seen my friends swearing by things like dildos and vibrators, specifically. If you can find one that satisfies both your cravings, you’re in for a solid experience. Both of these can escalate your levels of pleasure up to the 7th heaven. And don’t be afraid to use lube! It can be a huge turn on, and who knows? Even an aphrodisiac.

In case you have doubts about going for these products, don’t worry. Comfort comes first! Almost all of them are specially designed to feel almost like nothing. And most of them come with a variety of types, sizes and colors so that you can pick the one that better suits you or your partner. This way you can make sure that the product you choose won’t be uncomfortable or imbalanced.

However, when it comes to the bigger, more fantastic toys, I’m aware that they can be highly intimidating at first, especially if it’s you first time using toys. In this case, it’s great to invest in “lovers’ kits” – these are specially designed for people who are just starting out and contain a variety of toys to test out and use.

Eventually, using one or more of these toys can definitely make sex even more special and help you find a new level of pleasure. There’s always something new and exciting to discover, as long as you are and your partner are comfortable with it. That’s why I recommend talking with your partner beforehand and going with the flow.

It’s also great to keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to use toys. Ultimately, it’s all about getting creative, experiment with different positions, techniques and, why not, roleplays. This way, it’s impossible to get bored! Plus, wanting to reach for a toy, can be a great way to add some spontaneity to your sex life. Go ahead, surprise your partner with something new, and make sure you both have an extraordinary experience!

In addition to classic toys, there is one particular product I highly recommend giving a try. I’m talking about wearable vibrators, this type of vibrator can go around your waist and it is controllable using a remote control. With these, you can make sure you’re able to hit all your partner’s sensitive spots while having sex.

Another recommendation I can make is to pay attention to the material toys are made of. Safety and health are always the most important thing to consider. That’s why I’d opt for medical-grade silicone-based products. These are not only better for your health but also have a longer life-span and provide a better texture.

Finally, love molecules and human pheromones can also be a great addition to your sex game. If you want something even more exciting, then these kinds of products are perfect for you! They can increase the root of your pleasure, making sex even more exciting for the two of you!

So, there you have it: Using toys can be something super pleasant and exciting, if you choose the product that better suits you, talk to your partner beforehand and make sure to be creative in the bedroom. Now it’s just about picking the best one and make those sparks fly!