It’s never something you hope to hear, but if you’ve just been diagnosed with chlamydia you’ll need to take special care when it comes to your sex toys – cleaning them properly to ensure the issue doesn’t continue. I remember hearing from my doctor that I had been exposed to the STI and sex dolls thinking ‘oh no, now what do I do?’.

The first step in ensuring that your sex toys don’t become a way of spreading chlamydia is to clean them after each use. You will want to make sure that any bacteria that has been transferred to the toy is properly killed before the toy is used again. This means using an antibacterial product and thoroughly wiping down the toy. After that, it’s a good idea to let the toy dry completely before putting it away.

The second step is to wash the sex toys in a warm water and detergent solution, making sure that you do so for a few minutes and rinse off any excess detergent. A good bet is to choose an antibacterial soap that is designed to kill off any germs, as chlamydia is a bacterial infection. It’s also good practice to make sure that the sex toy is left to air dry after washing, as this will also help to reduce the risk of further bacterial transmission.

The third step is to put a condom or toy cover on your sex dolls toy before you use it. This will help to protect against any bacteria that is present on the toy and ensure that it doesn’t spread to other people.

The fourth step in cleaning sex toys after chlamydia is to keep the toy away from other partners. Even if the toy has been cleaned, it’s still best practice to ensure that it doesn’t come in contact with any other partners. This means keeping the toy away from anyone else, either by storing it in a separate spot or by keeping it in a toy bag that is only used to store the toy itself.

The fifth step is to replace the toy after a certain period of time. Since chlamydia is a bacterial infection, it can very easily linger on the toy. This means that even if you do clean the toy regularly, it may be wise to replace it after a certain number of uses, just to be extra safe.

And lastly, the sixth step is to make sure that you are getting regular check-ups with a healthcare professional, so that if you do contract chlamydia, you can be treated quickly. This is also important for reducing the risk of the infection spreading to other people.

So these are the key steps for how to clean sex toys after chlamydia. Taking these extra measures to ensure that the infection doesn’t spread is essential for keeping yourself and others safe. Cleaning your sex toys properly is also just another part of staying healthy, and it’s worth taking the time to make sure that you do it properly.