how much oral depth does sex doll need

Sex dolls are becoming increasingly popular in our society and it has me wondering how much oral depth do they need? I mean, people want the dolls to act, look, and sound very realistic, but what are the actual requirements for an oral experience?

I know that sex dolls definitely don’t need to have the oral capabilities of a real human being, but at the same time, the experience does need to come close enough to make the person feel satisfied. After all, oral sex does have a large role in sexual activities, and it would be very anti-climactic for sex dolls a person to buy an expensive doll and then have a terrible oral experience.

First of all, the actual mouth of the sex doll needs to look realistic. The lips should look soft and inviting, and the teeth should not look overly large or too uniform. This is especially important for when someone really wants a realistic experience, otherwise it will be difficult to become aroused or fully immersed in thereactivity.

Then, the actual act of giving oral sex for the doll needs to be realistic. This means that it should not be too robotic or jerky, and that the movements should be slightly more intense at some points than others. Additionally, there should be the right amount of pressure applied, which enhances the sensation and adds realism to the experience.

In addition to that, the doll should also make all the right sounds. This means that it should moan and breathe while giving oral pleasure, which adds to the intensity of the experience. It should also be able to properly respond to verbal cues, as this also adds realism and helps build a deeper connection with the doll.

Finally, the doll should be able to give a variety of oral experiences. This means that the doll should be able to give varied kinds of pleasure, from soft and gentle to more intense and aggressive. This will help the person to be able to enjoy different types of experiences as and when they wish to.

In conclusion, I believe that for a sex doll to have a truly satisfying oral experience, it should have a realistic mouth, be able to move in a realistic manner, make the right kinds of noises, and be able to give a variety of different experiences. This will make the experience more thrilling and more realistic, providing the user with a better and more enjoyable experience.The best vibrators | Engadget