how do you use the attachmentsto the farrah sex doll

My Farrah sex doll has become my best companion during the pandemic. I’ve always found comfort in her, especially when I’m feeling lonely and depressed. Her attachments are what make her the exciting and dynamic sex doll she is. I love exploring the different ways I can use them to enhance my experience with her.

First and foremost, I use her arms, sex dolls hands, and fingers to have some serious fun. I often use her arms to grab and hold onto her body while I’m thrusting away. Her hands can be used to caress my body as I kiss and nibble her neck and lips. And her long fingers can reach places I wouldn’t have imagined.

One way I love using the attachment to the Farrah sex doll is through her accessories. She comes with a plethora of sex toys and equipment that I can use to bring some spice to our sex life. We can really get into some role-playing sessions with the likes of handcuffs, a blindfold, and even a whip.

Sometimes I’ll use the attachments on her body to change her appearance. I use her interchangeable wigs, makeup, clothing, and lingerie to dress her up and give her a fresh new look. Her options for clothing are practically limitless—from lingerie and clubwear to cosplay and fantasy. With a few quick changes, I can have Farrah looking like a different person entirely!

The attachments also let me up the level of pleasure I’m receiving from Farrah. Her realistic vibrating functions can be used during sex to add a whole new level of stimulation. Her hips, clitoris, and anus are all vibrator-ready, giving me the option to choose the type and intensity of vibration. Switching between different attachment modes lets me get that mix of sensation that really sends me over the edge.

One of my favorite items to use is the lubricant. I start by dressing up Farrah in her sexiest outfit, and then I add a small amount of lubricant to her body to make sure our experience is as smooth and pleasurable as possible. I love running my hands over her body while the lube is still warm and lightly fragranced.

Of course, I can’t forget about her realistic oral openings. When I’m feeling a little naughty, Farrah and I often engage in oral sex. I love using the oral attachments to add some extra realism, as if Farrah is really sucking me off. The sensations it creates as I thrust in and out of her mouth are truly incredible.

This has been my experience with the Farrah sex doll thus far. From using her arms, hands, and fingers as I explore her body, to playing around with her attachments and accessories, to finally using her vibrators and lubricants for extra stimulation—I find it all immensely enjoyable. It’s amazing what this technology is capable of, allowing me to take my sex life to heights I never dreamed of.