girls who like watching male flashers masturbate

I recently encountered something fascinating: girls who enjoy watching male flashers masturbate.​ It’s something that I’d never heard of before, and initially I was a little weirded out by it.​ However, after talking to a few of the women who participated in the sexual activity, I started to come around to it.​ It was really interesting to see how different the activity was for them compared to how I perceived it as a guy.​

One of the women I talked to, a college student in her early twenties, explained that she felt like male flashers were a kind of “power fantasy” for her.​ She said that watching a man pleasuring himself in front of her gave her a sense of control and confidence; something she often felt she lacked elsewhere in her life.​ She also mentioned that she experienced a sexual thrill from it too.​ The combination of power, pleasure and domination was something she enjoyed immensely.​

Another woman I talked to, an older woman in an open relationship, discussed how watching a man expose himself to her and masturbate was an act of admiration for her.​ She felt appreciated and honored by his sexual display and it added a new layer of intimacy and sensuality to her relationship with her partner.​ She said that it was a powerful experience for her to know that someone would be so open and vulnerable in front of her.​

I was impressed by what I learned.​ Though I had some initial reservations, I understood why some women would find male flashers arousing and so empowering.​ I mean after all, it takes courage to be so exposed and vulnerable in front of someone.​ It also takes a lot of trust.​

Aside from the vulnerability and trust involved in male flashers, another emotion I observed was excitement.​ The sense of anticipation that builds up between a man and woman during a flasher session is truly electric.​ The longer the man teases the woman, the more excited they both get.​ By the end of a session, Penis Rings many women find themselves feeling both incredibly aroused and empowered.​

best top 10 silicone sex doll for men with skeleton list and get free shipping - 0c3ifkenOne last thing I noticed from talking to these women is that they feel more comfortable with themselves after participating in such an activity.​ Many felt that it allowed them to express their sexuality and sensuality freely, something they may not have been able to do in the past.​ This feeling of liberation was something that they all took away with them.​

Through my conversations with these women, I learned so much about the sexual experience of watching male flashers masturbate.​ I had initially thought that this activity was weird and strange, but after talking to these women, and hearing their reasons and insights, I’m now happy to say that I’m a believer! It’s been eye-opening to see how such a seemingly taboo activity can be so liberating and empowering for women.​

I also think it’s interesting that many men I talked to felt intimidated and uncomfortable when talking about male flashers, whereas the women I spoke to expressed no reservations.​ They were all confident and fluid in their dialogue, and their excitement was contagious.​ It made me realize just how much freedom and power flasher sessions can have for both partners.​

With that in mind, I think it’s important for people to not let social stigma limit them in exploring new sexual experiences.​ There’s no need to be scared of experimenting with unconventional activities like male flashers, sex toys especially considering the potential rewards that can come from it.​ The women I’ve talked to all attest to that.​