girl forced to be latex sex doll

I remember that day like it was yesterday. It’s a day I’ll never forget. I got a call at work from a friend of mine who was really upset, and asking me to come to her house. When I got there she was in a dark room, her whole body was covered in latex. She had been forced to dress up as a latex sex dolls doll.

I was in shock, my stomach flipped and my heart pounded in my chest. I couldn’t believe what was happening. We sat for a little bit, just to let the information sink in, then my friend explained what had happened.

She had been at a party the night before. It was a party thrown by her neighbour, a man she thought she could trust. Apparently, he had been talking to her about latex sex dolls, and then got her to try one on as a joke. Little did she know, he had an ulterior motive.

He had secretly taken pictures while she was in the latex suit. He then used his power over her and threatened to post them online if she didn’t dress up like a latex sex doll on an ongoing basis. My friend was terrified, so she agreed. She had been in this situation for weeks now.

I felt so angry and helpless. We talked for hours about what to do, but both of us were unsure what to do in a situation like this. I was scared for her, and worried about what might happen if the photos were posted online. I did my best to be a supportive friend, and advised her to seek help from a lawyer and the authorities.

We discussed ways around the situation so she wasn’t at the mercy of her neighbour. We brainstormed ideas like getting someone that knew the neighbour to talk to him, and looking for any evidence that could be gathered. We agreed that these things had to be done secretly, as we didn’t know what the neighbour might do if he found out she was trying to do something about it.

My friend was scared and anxious, and I could feel her fear and frustration. I reminded her that she had done nothing wrong, and that she was strong enough to weather this storm. I held her hand and promised her that I would do what I could to help and support her.

I would visit her regularly to talk and see how things were going. We talked about ways she could cope with the situation, like keeping herself busy and finding an outlet for her frustrations. I also reminded her that she had people who cared and were here for her. I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy, but we both understood that she had to fight through this.

I urged her to talk to family and trusted friends, and to seek support. I encouraged her, telling her to keep her head high and believe in herself. I also tried to make sure she had some laughs and fun, so she could have a break from all the stress.

The situation was hard, but with patience, hardwork and perseverance my friend found a way out. It was a long, hard road, but eventually she was able to stand up for herself and find her voice. She broke away from her abuser, and took back her power and freedom. It might have been a struggle, but she made it out the other end. I know it’s still a difficult topic for her to talk about, but she knows that she’s capable of taking on whatever life throws at her.