does sex dolls head count in the length

I was recently struck by this idea—does a sex doll’s head count towards its length? Some people might scoff, or maybe blush, but it’s an interesting concept that warrants further, more in-depth exploration.

It occurred to me one weekend when I was out with a few friends. We were talking shop, and I brought up the topic. Of course, it piqued their curiosity and we started talking about it. I pointed out the obvious: sex dolls are usually measured in feet and inches, with the head being a peripheral detail that’s often overlooked. However, I posited that it makes sense to include it in the calculations because, after all, the head plays a vital role in sexual stimulation, no?

That opened up a path to a deeper conversation, exploring the idea from multiple angles and perspectives. For one, the head of a sex doll is designed to be roughly the same size as a real human head, not to mention realistically shaped. Does that mean it should weigh in, literally and figuratively, on the length of the doll?

My friends were divided on that question. Some believed that it should, that the head, whether made of plastic or silicone, should be taken into consideration, while others argued the opposite. After all, a sex doll’s head is just an attachment—one piece of many—that can be removed at any time.

So we asked ourselves: What if the head isn’t removable? Or, what if the proportions of the head are disproportionate to the body? How would such variables affect the length measurement?

We couldn’t come up with an answer, so, in the end, our discussion remained an ongoing debate. I guess I could overlook the whole head-to-length question, and simply take the length measurement with a grain of salt. That way, I could get the best of both worlds—satisfying pleasure through a sex doll that looks aesthetically realistic, without delving too deep into the measurements.

My second thought on the matter was to consider the angles. Sure, a sex doll’s head might not hold much weight when measuring its length, but how much it does contribute to other parts? For example, the angle of the head might affect how much pleasure is experienced or how specific sexual acts can be achieved.

And then there’s the question of gel inserts. Does the head take up a certain portion of the length interior, like a gel insert does? And if the length is measured in inches, does the head count as part of that measurement? Or Penis Rings perhaps—just perhaps—the head could be considered a feature of the technology, and thus not included in overall measurements.

At the end of the day whether the head is included or not, sex dolls bring unparalleled pleasure and thrill to its customer. So, why not take the dive and indulge in that pleasure to its fullest with the knowledge that head or no, it could be an incredible experience.