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It was a hot summer day and I was scrolling around on the internet when something caught my attention. Do men have sex with child size love dolls? I was perplexed. This sounded like something out of a horror movie than a real thing. I could not wrap my head around the idea of such unnerving behavior. But the more I thought about it, the more I started to question my perspective.

Surely there must be something I was missing. After some research, I found that a small portion of men actually do use child size love dolls for sexual gratification. Before jumping to conclusions, I decided to dig deeper into the issue.

To my surprise, people are actually using child size love dolls because they feel socially rejected due to a disability or even mental illness. Others are just so deeply rooted in their loneliness that having a life size doll to talk to is the closest thing they have to companionship.

It’s not just the physical appearance of the doll that attracts these men. It’s the fact that they can tell it their innermost thoughts – unlike a real child. They perceive these dolls as warm and nurturing, and with the sheer amount of customizability available, the doll-companions become a mirror of sorts – reflecting back what the user likes and wants in a child-sized form.

I, for one, found this fascinating. It’s a whole new way of looking at interpersonal relationships, which I never even considered before. Even though child size love dolls can sometimes be controversial, I find it inspiring that people with special needs can use these dolls to find some solace even when surrounded by social stigma or abandonment.

In the fight against child abuse, it is important to realize that child size love dolls might actually be helping some isolated individuals find connection in their own way. Maybe instead of the dolls being banned altogether, the users should be given respectful guidance and the opportunity to explore their options and find a healthier outlet should they choose to.

Otherwise, I believe that these child size love dolls can actually be helpful in a therapeutic environment. With a counsellor or therapist’s guidance, these dolls can serve as an outlet for creative self-expression and help an individual find the missing pieces in their identity puzzle – and at the end of the day, shouldn’t that be the real goal?

But what do I know? I’m not a licensed therapist. However, many professionals do corroborate my claim: that child size love dolls can be used for therapeutic purposes. Maybe the real question is not whether or not these dolls should be used, but rather how can we regulate them and make sure they are used in a safe and ethical manner?

In my opinion, the conversation around child size love dolls should not just be limited to whether or not they should be allowed, but also advance to how they can be part of existing mental health treatments. This could involve providing therapists and specialists with training on how to approach and handle delicate situations or even introducing doll-related techniques in traditional therapy. There could even be more efforts to reach out to individuals who may be attracted to these dolls and dildos give them other options to explore their needs, Penis Rings such as with virtual relationships.

The reality is that child size love dolls are real things being used by real people, and it’s important to address the issue from all angles. Otherwise, our knee-jerk reaction could lead to legal issues or even more harm than good. After all, judging people without listening to their stories isn’t usually an effective solution.