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I recently moved to Nutley, N.J., and I have to admit that I’m a little surprised by the town’s attitude towards selling sex toys. I mean, I understand that some of the shops here are kind of prude, but I had no idea that selling sex toys was a big no-no here.

When I moved in I was really excited to see what kind of activities I could join and products I could buy. That excitement quickly died down when I started asking around about where I could buy a toy. People seemed really surprised by my question, like I was asking something outrageous. I even asked the store owners if they sold sex toys, and they told me they didn’t.

My neighbor, an elderly woman, was kind enough to explain the town’s stance towards sex toys. She said that it’s considered “improper,” and that selling them would bring in “undesirable people.”

At first I was kind of taken aback by this viewpoint, especially in a progressive state like New Jersey. But after some thought, I realized that this is an issue that goes deeper than Nutley. Many states and towns have this same view, and they’re just enforcing those views on their citizens.

It’s a shame really, because sex toys can be really great if used within a healthy and safe environment. They can help couples communicate better about their sexual desires and experiences, and they can make intimacy more enjoyable. But I suppose here in Nutley it’s going to take a few more generations before that viewpoint is accepted.

So, the answer to my original question of whether or not sex toys can be sold in Nutley, N.J., is unfortunately no. However, I’m not giving up on the idea. I plan on talking to some of the store owners and trying to get them to rethink their stance. I’m also looking into organizing a petition so that other citizens in town can chime in and express their opinion.

I truly believe that we can create a more open-minded and accepting culture here in Nutley, even when it comes to sex toys. I’m sure there are other people in town who also have this viewpoint, vibrators and I hope to bring attention to it.

In the following sections, I’ll discuss the myths about sex toys, the benefits they can bring, Penis Rings and the potential harms that can occur if their use goes unchecked. I’ll also highlight the importance of healthy communication when introducing toys into a relationship. Lastly, I’ll focus on the importance of educating people about safer sex practices, and why this is so vital to our town’s wellbeing.